Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Face Wash/Scrub

Here's another new favorite of mine, one that actually inspired me to start this blog to share this info with the rest of you out there - Neutrogena's new pink grapefruit foaming scrub. Here's the link.

My skin tends to be slightly oily but never dry, and has never been particularly sensitive. I know there are plenty of people who would not want to use a scrub every day, but maybe you might want to try this for occassional exfoliation. The scent is so bright and refreshing, and the scrub is not terribly rough on the skin but leaves your face feeling nicely polished.

My former favorite was a Freeman scrub that was apricot and black cherry. Loved it. So then they stopped making it. Still have an apricot scrub, but not the same. So I have tried at least half a dozen different face washes and scrubs over the past year, and while some of them have been okay, nothing really hit the spot until I tried the grapefruit stuff. Give it a try, or see what you think of their grapefruit face wash. Same great scent, no exfoliation. I just bought a back-up bottle on sale yesterday so I am good to go when this one runs out!

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