Monday, July 6, 2009


Since I started this week with a favorite bath/body product, I thought I would continue that as a theme for the week. Plus, I guess since the time I have in the shower is perhaps some of the only time I can actually think clearly during the day, I decided to share another shower favorite - my new favorite bar soap. Don't get too excited!

Now maybe I am old-fashioned, but I am not a body wash kind of girl. Perhaps it was because my loofahs always got pinkish with mildew, and I would rather not have to deal with damp washcloths hanging all over the shower, but I just have to stick to good old bar soap. Plus, isn't it cheaper? Not that I have done the math comparing how many uses one might get out of a bottle of body wash versus a bar of soap, but it just seems to me like it must be cheaper. And the cardboard packaging is recyclable and takes up much less space than big plastic bottles.

So I used to be a Lever 2000 girl. Honestly, for years and years I think that is almost all I would buy. Usually in large quantities at Sam's Club. And I loved the original white bar, but the other scents are fine with me too. For all of my 2000 parts! Of course, I have tried other brands when they were on sale for too good of a price to pass up. But Coast actually started to dry my skin (which is hard to do) and Dial seemed to get used up really fast. I think I used Zest once in college and just hated it. I hate the scent of Caress. And I need something that my husband would tolerate as well. Most of the time I would just fall back to Lever 2000.

My favorite hotel soap by far has been the lemongrass citrus body bar from the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas. Fabulous scent, great smooth feel and nice lather. But you can only snag so many bars in a two night trip, and I sincerely doubt I'll be back there anytime soon! Maybe my parents will be back there someday...but that won't keep me clean for long. I did also splurge once and get a fabulous Lemon Verbena soap from L'Occitane, and while I loved the scent and everything else, the bar was actually so big that it was almost unwieldy when it was new. I have fairly large hands, being a tall woman, and I dropped that soap so much it was annoying. I can't imagine how awkward that would be for someone with average hands.

So a few weeks ago I happened on a little package on clearance at Target, and my shower is a much happier place. My new favorite soap is the "go fresh Energize" soap from Dove. Check it out here.
Wonderful citrusy scent to begin your day, but not too strong to be overpowering. And while the exfoliating beads "took a bit of getting used to" according to my husband, I quickly grew to love them. I think my skin is looking healthier and never really feels dry (but perhaps we'll still chat about body lotion later this week). Now I just have to hope they have it in big boxes at the good old big box store or I might have to recalculate my budget to accommodate my need to have this soap in my shower at all times. I have one bar left before I need to find a good deal somewhere. If anyone finds this stuff on sale out there let me know! And if you have a favorite you would like to share - that's what this is all about :)

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