Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Shower Cleaner

Now I know you may not get quite as excited about this as I am, but I have to tell you, the Arm & Hammer Clean Shower spray, in my opinion, absolutely wipes out the competition. I will admit, no one has ever (not even in my wildest dreams) called me a clean freak. But this stuff actually works so that I don't have to!

I think that original Tilex stuff came out when I was in college. And as a typical college student (living in a dorm), I had no desire to actually scrub a shower. So we bought the stuff and sprayed it on whenever we remembered. But that shower had a curtain, so whenever the liner got gross we just pitched it and bought a new one.

Our current house has a master bath with glass shower doors, and let me tell you, they get grungy fast. I kept using the Tilex brand, since it was the original and I figured it was better than having to scrub the shower doors all the time (not that I really ever did!). I then decided I might as well try the store knock-off brands of shower cleaner, and boy was I surprised. Now I usually spray the walls and door of the shower before I get dried off and get out. The store brands I have tried were so full of chemicals I honestly could hardly breathe when I sprayed them standing in the shower. That just can't be good.

As you may have guessed, one day, I tried the Arm & Hammer stuff since it was, imagine that, on sale! And I can't believe the difference. Not only does it smell good (I think mine is some Mountain Rain scent or something like that) but it absolutely without a doubt works better than the store brands and even better than Tilex. Crazy. Now I just have to get my husband to remember to spray it when he showers...

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